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About us

  RuiAn DongFang Pharmaceutical Machinery CO.,LTD. is the Zhejiang Province science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise and the provincial level high technology and new technology characteristic industrial base member enterprise, is China manufactures drugs equipment profession the association member unit; The specialized production BG series negative pressure controllable highly effective coating machine and the BGW series negative pressure controllable highly effective non coating machine, and list as separately: in 2001 provincial level new product project; in 2002 provincial level priority industry new product and in 2003 Rui’an industry starwars plan new product project. The company uses the high technology and new technology development to manufacture drugs unceasingly new product , maintains throughout the product at the domestic leading position, obtains the Rui’an high-tech product certificate and the advance in technology third prize successively, as well as the Rui’an patent implementation second prize, and has obtained three item of national monopolies (the patent number: ZL01241802.1, ZL03228485.3, ZL03238794.6).
  The company in line with “the collection science and technology essence, creates the Eastern name brand " the policy, as well as “end product leaving the plant qualified rate 100%, customer satisfaction rate 100% " the quality objectives, strengthen unceasingly the quality control work. The company passed ISO9001; 2000 international quality system proof and drugs manufacture equipment GMP appraisal. The leaving the plant product samples many times after the National Authoritative Unit examines to measure that each technical specification achieves the national advanced standard, meets the GMP requirement. The company depends upon the unique product performance, the outstanding product quality, the sincere post-sale service, gathers the principle the selling price, in numerous drugs manufacture mechanical enterprises blooming, wins the prestige unceasingly.
  The company product since has put into the market, the technology renews unceasingly, the performance enhances unceasingly, the product climbs unceasingly, already best-selling domestic more than 20 provinces, the city, the autonomous region, and has sold in distant markets Russia, countries and so on Pakistan and Indonesia. After many year uses, depth domestic and foreign user consistent high praise. The company was determined that in line with strives for the survival by “the quality, person is basic " the policy, introduces the technical talented person unceasingly, dares to develop the innovation, goes all out, continues to develop the development high-tech product, manufactures drugs the industry development for our country to make to leave a bigger contributionseo.