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Coating machine working principle and features

Coating machine is a polymer wrapped in tablet form the core of the film of the equipment. Which is the way of coating solution spray to spray to the core of surface rolling, access to hot air rolling piece on the core solvent volatilization, make its surface form a layer of continuous high polymer film. The formation of droplets, aerosol droplets of the core to mobile, aerosol droplets in the core of the surface of impact, spreading, coalescence effect and the dry film coating is the important factor of influence, these need designers and operator understand, control to achieve high quality coating.

Coating machine characteristics: (1) adjustment of the drug release; (2) improve the tablet stability, prevent light or air etc for oxidized denaturation; (3) overcome poor taste tablet is not easy to swallow weaknesses; (4) isolation easy compatibility drugs.

Film formation mechanism and affecting factors:
After the core of the coating film structure is not even, appearance also have a difference. This is due to uneven sexual desire to join the not soluble constituents (such as pigment) of the cause, and at the same time in the coating process, the film is not continuously formation. Most coating process is by spray adhesive polymer solution will be in solid piece of core after dry, to accept the next spray, the need to repeat the process until DuoCi coating finish. In order to get good coating effect must first understand the formation mechanism of the film.

In the whole process including the following several important stage:
(1) the generation of droplets;
(2) coating solution or suspension solution preparation;
(3) from the gun to the piece of bed droplets of mobile;
(4) droplets of surface or in core particles on the surface of the impact, moist, spreading and coalescence;
(5) dry gelation and adhesion into film.